Beekeepers Association of Orange County


The Beekeepers Association of Orange County (BAOC) is dedicated to educating the public about honeybees and the fascinating hobby of beekeeping and honey bee management, as well as removing - rescuing bee hives from threatened or unwanted locations in the Orange and Los Angeles county areas of Southern California.

We are a social club with a warm atmosphere of camaraderie. Experienced beekeepers and total beginners are equally welcome!

Come join us in Anaheim (616 Wayside St) on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.



The Beekeepers Association of Orange County is dedicated to saving (rescuing) non-africanized bee hives and swarms. If you have an unwanted hive or swarm, we encourage you to contact one of the resources below or to look up beekeepers in your local yellow pages. These providers are typically dedicated bee handlers with many years of experience in bee rescues / removals.

Costs for bee rescues may cover several trips to your location: to assess your situation, initiate removal and to perform follow-up removal of remaining bees.

Note: These are not licensed contractors, and will refuse any dangerous or hazardous removals. If the swarm is hanging from any high voltage lines, call your power company!

  • Angel Powers
    Angel's Honey Farms
    (714) 606-9539
  • Michael McHugh
    The Bee Whisperer
    (949) 859-9698
  • Dick Dyer
    (562) 947-7695
  • Jeff
    (714) 721-2316
  • Bee Removers
    (800) 924-3097
  • Pete Holtzen
    (619) 286-7258
  • Jim Mieras
    Pierce-Mieras Manufactoring Inc.
    (626) 290-8176
  • Recardo Plasencia
    (951) 818-8383
  • Lewis West
    (714) 772-6329
    (714) 991-5520
  • Big T Honey and Bee Company
    (818) 581-6926
    (818) 951-4181
  • Bill Lewis
    (818) 896-6506
    (818) 312-1691
  • Rob Cowan
    (714) 521-5308
    (714) 926-2377
  • Rady Davis
    (760) 846-7091


Association meetings are informal providing an opportunity to exchange ideas and find answers to issues that anyone may have. Guests are always welcome.

Our meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of every Month at:

Directions to the meetin site
  • Home of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis West
  • 616 Wayside St.
  • Anaheim, CA 92805
  • (714) 772-6329
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Parking is available on the street


If you would like to be a regular member of the BAOC, the annual membership dues are $12.00 per year for a single membership (which includes any members of your household).

Become a member: Click here.


Beekeepers Association of Orange County
877 S. Rose Place
Anaheim, CA 92805